Fake News Guard

AI meets wisdom-of-the-crowd to detect fake news

The Internet can produce fake news much faster then we can fact check them. Fake News Guard combines AI with feedback from its users, to help detect the information that is more likely to to be fake.

How does it work?

FakeNewsGuard brings the fact-checking as close as possible to the readers

Fake News Guard works passively inside the browser. We check every page you visit or any link that ends up in your Facebook feed. When we miss something, you can report it to us with a click. It will be used to populate a blacklist and to improve our AI. In order to analyse large amount of information, the algorithm is also available through an API.

How does the AI work?

Artificial Intelligence meets a wisdom-of-the-crowd approach to provide real-time fact-checking

Our artificial intelligence combines a linguistic approach with network analysis. The result is a tool that is able to extract several indicators from a piece of text, which are used to assess its veracity. The final judgment is left to a human.

Alpha release

We are close to release an alpha version, join the testing team!

We have completed the first version of the AI, and we are now working on the first iteration of the user interface. We are almost ready to test the webapp and the Chrome extension.


Meet the team working on this

  • Mattia Spinelli

    Lead Developer

  • Mikko Caldara

    Backend Engineer


For more info write us at info@fakenewsguard.com